Sam Samayik Ghatna Chakra CTET-UTET Pdf Download – शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा गणित

Written by Ravi Sahni

Sam Samayik Ghatna Chakra CTET-UTET Pdf Download – शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा गणित

Ghatna Chakra Publication of uptet ghatna chakra pdf Download Notes – Dear readers, Today is sharing the very important “ghatna chakra uptet book” related to the CTET and TET math study material to all students. This book is designed keeping in mind TET and CTET organized by all states, considering the new pattern of TET and CTET, “uptet ghatna chakra pdf” notes will prove helpful to the candidates.

Table of Content

विषय सूची
भाग – 1
गणित शिक्षण विधि एवं अधिगम

प्राइमरी स्तर पर गणित
प्राइमरी गणित : पाठ आयोजन
गणित शिक्षण की विधियाँ
गणित शिक्षण में मूल्यांकन
प्राइमरी गणित : शिक्षण अधिगम

भाग – 2
मूलभूत गणितीय संकल्पनाओं का शिक्षण
आधारभूत संक्रियाएं एवं संख्या पद्धति
भिन्न एवं दशमलव, प्रतिशतता एवं अनुपात समानुपात
मापन और क्षेत्रमिति
ज्यामितीय संकल्पनाए और आरेखन कौशल

You can get all the information about CTET and TET mathematics in this pdf through this PDF Notes. This pdf has been written by Ghatna Chakra Publication. On which points you will get information, we are telling you through the list below.

Book Name: ‘Sam Samayik Ghatna Chakra UETET / CTET’
PDF Size: 36 MB
No of Pages: 83 Pages
Quality: High
Format: PDF
language: Hindi
Credit: “Sam Samayik Ghatna Chakra”

You can also view PDF Notes Live below and also download ctet / uptet ghatna chakra pdf via Download Button.

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